Dawning Light Bodyworks

“My goal is to help you feel like the Dawning Light…

becoming brighter and lighter, illuminating all that you see”.

Experience for yourself the freedom that is inside of you!

Everyday stresses can knock us off balance, leaving us feeling as though our life is in dissaray. Our mind/body imbalance can lead to symptoms of illness.

Can you remember the last time that you felt completely at peace? When did you last feel in harmony with your body? Many symptoms or ailments have been accepted as normal, they are not! We are entitled to perfect health.

Here are some of these symptoms listed below:

Headaches Tingling in Hands/Feet Menstruation Problems
Jaw Pain /TMJ Heartburn Trouble Conceiving
Neck /Shoulder Pain Acid Reflux Anger/Irritability
Back/Sciatic Pain Constipation Bladder Incontinence
Joint Pain Digestive Problems Generally “Feeling Off”

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If you feel symptoms like…

Arthritis Fibromyalgia General Pain or Discomfort
Bursitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Mental / Emotional Exhaustion

Reiki may help.  Click on Reiki for more information.

ThetaHealing®  is boundless in its ability to seek out and illuminate all aspects of imbalance that may create ill health within to mind/body/spirit.