“My goal is to help you feel like the Dawning Light…

becoming brighter and lighter, illuminating all that you see”.

Experience for yourself the freedom that is inside of you!

Everyday stresses can knock us off balance, leaving us feeling as though  life has dampened our Spirit, extinguished our flame.

Family dysfunctions, past traumas, or unhealed hurts stay with us leaving deep emptiness and a feeling of depression.  These unsolved issues come up again to be healed in differeMaria Gouldnt forms.  If we were unwilling to look at them in an emotional way then we are asked to look at them again when the body manifests conditions and disease.  What if the disease or disharmony within your body is only asking you to look deeper?  What would happen if your deepest hurts were healed?

In Truth, we are Light, we are Spirit.  I believe we are here to help heal our past so we can move forward to Radiate our Light. Many Spiritual Teachers have said “We are the Enlightened Ones we have been waiting for.” Are you ready to Reconnect to your Light and the Creator of All That Is?  Are you ready to Shine again?

I am here to help you see your Light again, help you look at those hurts that keep you hidden inside of yourself.  Are you ready to break free from your cocoon of hurts and spread your wings to fly?